Pole Instructors

Sarah (Bilingual)

Sarah started pole in 2012 and is the proud owner of Pole Fitness Academy. She knew pole would take her out of her comfort zone and push her to learn something new and different. Sarah looks forward to practicing any chance she gets.

Carly (Bilingual)

Carly discovered Pole in 2012 while searching for an exciting way to enrich her workout regime. She loves how pole fitness has improved both her strength and confidence. Carly is thrilled to have the opportunity to pass on her enthusiasm and her love of this amazing sport to her students.


Laura found her love for fitness and health in 2015 following her first pole class. It was shortly after starting pole that Laura started her journey in Body Building and has enjoyed fusing her two passions. She loves the strength and grace found in pole fitness and enjoys pushing her limits in both sports. Joining pole fitness is, the best decision she's made and truly believes everyone should take a class at least once in their life.

Mikaela (Bilingual)

Since Mikaela's first pole class, she's been amazed at how she can achieve moves she never thought possible. Mikaela is always excited to learn and to grow, all the while enjoying the encouragement and support from the amazing athletes at the studio. She brings a fun energy to parties and enjoys helping others learn and grow as well! Mikaela is completely bilingual, fluent in both French and English.


Shauna began practicing yoga in college as a way to manage stress and fell in love with movement, then went on to take her first pole class at PFA in 2018. The following year, she travelled to Indonesia to complete her 200-hr YTT certification. Shauna loves to combine the knowledge gained through yoga teachings of movement and anatomy with all the elements of pole to encourage creativity, self expression and confidence.

Valentina (Bilingual)

Valentina fell in love with pole in 2017 in her home country, Chile. She began her path as an instructor teaching her friends and from there, discovered her passion and her love for teaching others, and since then she has dedicated herself to continue learning and improving to give the best of her in every class. She is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish.


Abbie started pole in 2019. In her youth, she did karate (which didn't help for learning how to point her toes!). She had no dance or gymnastics background but had always wanted to try something within that realm. After starting pole, she hasn't turned back. This sport boosted her confidence and allowed her to be a part of a wonderful community of aerialists. As well as pole, Abbie teaches contortion and mobility workshops here at PFA. Her favourite style of pole dancing includes flips and tricks on spin pole.

Danielle (Bilingual)

In 2017, Danielle moved from New Brunswick to Ottawa for university. As a means to make new friends and exercise, she started her pole journey at PFA that same year. With no dance, gymnastic or other fitness background, Danielle was nervous to start this new hobby. Fortunately, she quickly learned that pole doesn’t judge where you start from, but rather it guides you to become your better self. Throughout the years, Danielle is grateful to have started pole because she is more confident in her skin, strong, flexible, and has made many new friends!

Corinne (Trilingual)

Corinne is a free-lancing artist working as an actress, writer, host, aerialist and dancer on various performing arts and audiovisual projects. In short, her income taxes are a headache. Teaching one of her passions fits right in! She speaks French, English and Spanish.

Aerial Instructors


Rebecca started Pole in 2010, and has watched her strength and skill continuously build since. Rebecca has an extensive dance background, including ballet. She is now extremely enthusiastic to pass her techniques on to her students. She is specialized in aerial hoop and silks.

Rae (Bilingual)

Rae found an immediate love for aerial hoop in 2015 where blending acrobatics and her background in dance became a creative, mental and physical outlet. She finds joy in instructing and nurturing students, celebrating their perseverence, and even helping them conquer a few fears along the way! Rae strives to harbour an encouraging sense of community in class. She is fully bilingual, fluent in English and French.


Christa has always been keen on climbing things and hanging upside down, so when she started taking pole classes in 2011, she fell in love with it immediately. Soon after, she started training on aerial hoop and loves training on any aerial apparatus she can get her hands on! Christa comes from a background of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics as well as a smattering of highland dance and acro and is always excited to learn and teach new skills.

Karina (Trilingual)

Karina discovered pole fitness and aerial arts with our studio back in 2014 and went through all pole and aerial levels in a single year! She has continued to train and take classes with the studio since! She has a background in dance for which she attended an arts high school for and rhythmic gymnastics as a 3 time Ontario Provincial champion, these backgrounds give her a flexibility and choreography edge! She was a coach for the Ottawa Circus School and has taken workshops with internationally known circus artists, and is looking forward to bringing all she's learned to our studio! She is trilingual, fluent in English, French and Spanish.


Bio coming soon!