About Pole Fitness Academy

We are located in Hintonburg, at 1066 Somerset Street West, just minutes from downtown Ottawa, and from the bridge to Gatineau. Parking is available in the lot behind and beside the studio. We are easily accessible by bus #11, the O-Train, and buses at Bayview Station. Pole Fitness Academy specialises in Pole Dance and Fitness. For those interested in aerial fitness or cross-training for Pole, we also offer alternative classes and workshops such as; Chair Dancing, Twerking, Flexibility, Floorwork, Handstands, and more!

Our goal is to inspire, motivate and empower our students.

  • We are proud to offer:
    • Fun judgement-free environment
    • A professional, and unique team
    • Two spacious studios on-location
    • Up to eight (8) classes* per night
    • Pole Fitness Academy Classes
    • Classes are designed to help students build a strong foundation in pole and aerials.
        Each session is six (6) weeks in length, with a weekly, one (1) hour class consisting of:
      • Professional, hands-on instruction;
      • Warm up period
      • Review of past tricks and movements;
      • Instruction of 1-3* new tricks or movements; and a cool down period.

*The number of new movements taught per class can vary based on factors such as; genre, level, requests of the class, and instructor’s discretion for safety reasons, an instructor may have a class focus on some foundational movements before they can safely progress.

Pole Fitness Academy Practice Hours:

Practice is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Open to all students currently registered for a session. Drop-ins for those not in session are $15

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